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Statistics demonstrate that chiropractic adjustments effectively reduce the amount of time spent in labor.  47 primagravida and 67 multiparous women were compared as to their mean duration of labor.  Only women who were seen beginning in the first to tenth week throughout the remainder of their pregnancy were used for comparison.  The results in the case history work (uncontrolled study) show that all else being equal, the mean labor time with chiropractic care is reduced by nearly 25% to the generally accepted mean labor time.  In the mulitparous women, the reduction was 33%.  Fallon, JM:  Chiropractic and Pregnancy.  International Chiropractic Association, 1994.


A study performed on pregnancy patients revealed that 75% of pregnant women who received adjustments during their pregnancy found relief from painful symptomatic conditions.  Mantero, E., Crispini L.  Static Alterations of the Pelvic, Sacral and Lumbar Area Due to Pregnancy.  Chiropractic Interprofessional Research.  Torino:  Edizioni Minerva Media, 1982: 59-68.


A retrospective review of women receiving prenatal care, specifically adjusting and correcting the rotational components of the sacroiliac joints, demonstrated 91% of the women had relief of pain and no longer exhibited signs of sacroiliac subluxations.  Daly JM, Frame PS, Rapoza PA.  Sacroiliac subluxation: a common treatable cause of low back pain in pregnancy.  Fam Prac Res J 1991; 11(2).




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